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Hugs Hope

Please visit these precious children at "Hugs and Hope"


Life Changing Love is celebrating one year online

March 3rd 2002.

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Video of Resurrection Sunday

Interesting story about school shootings

Answers to Prayers via the Internet

An Atheist and a Bear

Marriage made in Heaven

A moment of Prayer

Sept. 11, 2001

Old Glory

Twas the night before Jesus came

Beautiful Poetry

A free book on how to live a Christian Life


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Our Ministry

Life Changing Love is a web-based ministry designed to uplift and encourage believers as well as guide the seekers and lost to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

We have surfed the Internet and found many Christians sites, that are of great value for many people looking for someone they can relate to or just pray with.

Hopefully, you will be able to find all the information you need from just this one site of many links.

We also provide a free web-page for any Christian ministry that would like to be on the World wide web.

Christian Ministries *

Arrowood Ministries

Tabernacle of God

Rescatando Missions

Jesus Heals Ministry

Gregory Ford

Mission Possible


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